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Front-end Developer

“ I have been dreaming about doing baking and confectionery courses, but could not decide where to go. I wasn’t much hopeful either about doing the courses online. But, oh my god, I just loved the classes. Fell in love with the course outline and the chef was amazing in improving my baking skills. Always a big fan of PastryBCN. ”




“ I am a busy mom of 2 and do freelancing as well. So, it was pretty hard for me to join online classes. But I love baking. PastryBCN’s pre-recorded online classes helped me like no one else. Those were easy to understand and I can realize my baking skills have improved a lot. I can check them back whenever I can and try out those skills again and again. ”



Art director

“I will not talk about how helpful those online courses are from PastryBCN. I will tell you how amazing the chefs were. They were so helpful in those online sessions that you will feel like learning from a professional that is standing just beside you and guiding you. Big thanks to PastyBCN. ”