The following Terms of Service apply to the websites https://pastrybcn.com and https://pastrybcnonline.com. With respect to all services provided on these websites with the exception of services included within the individual written agreement between You (the website user) and the website owner (hereinafter referred to as the «Website administration» or “us”, “we”, “our”).

The following document contains the general terms and conditions of this agreement. 

The website PastryBCN shall provide services on Spanish territory: Individual owner of the website, regardless of the payment procedure and the purchased product (package of service).

Bank details and the billing address of the website owner will be indicated on invoices or e-receipts issued to you.

If there is no written contract or agreement, your agreement with the website PastryBCN shall include the terms and conditions no less than provided in this document (hereinafter referred to as the “General terms and conditions”). Be sure to read the General Terms and Conditions carefully.

Your agreement with the PastryBCN website shall include the Supplemental terms and conditions released on the product or service description page or in legal notifications governing the Services (hereafter referred to as the “Supplementary terms and conditions”).

All General Terms and Conditions, as well as Supplementary Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “TERMS AND CONDITIONS”), form the basis for any use of the Service or website.


The Terms & Conditions must be accepted by the user before he/she may access the Services. Before acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, users of PastryBCN are restricted from using the Services on the website.

In order to accept these Terms and Conditions, you may do the following:

1 – by taking actions that indicate acceptance of the Terms and Conditions (by clicking the button, ticking the corresponding box, or performing other similar actions) on the service order page of the website;


2 – by actually using the Services. If this is the case, it will be considered that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions.

Use of the website and services on the website implies your acceptance of all guidelines stated on the website.

Any violation of these General Terms and Conditions or the Supplementary Terms and Conditions may result in your leaving the website and ceasing to use the Services.


Generally, the agreement covers the use of the websites including the Services available on these sites https://pastrybcn.com.

A user is any person who accepts the terms and conditions and uses a website and services. The paid services are not for use by minors (defined as those who are under 18 years of age), and you need to make sure that you’re not a minor.

Supplementary terms and conditions 

Many of the services we offer will be subject to additional restrictions and conditions. Supplementary terms and conditions are provided on corresponding web pages, on the Service (“informational products”) order pages, and in legal notifications, we send to you (hereafter referred to as “Supplementary terms and conditions”). We reserve the right to impose binding Supplementary terms and conditions to use our supplemental terms and conditions.

The two main services we offer in general 

  1. Live classes using ZOOM
  2. Pre-recorded video class lessons


Free services and materials: 

There will be restrictions on the number of services available depending on the conditions under which a certain product or package of services can be purchased. By using this website section and product, you receive only the information that is provided by this product or by this website section.

After purchasing the services or reserving your participation, you will receive detailed information, including access to the paid website content and services. The product (package of services) may be purchased separately, and you may reserve your place in the live event (class, training, course).

Note that some of the pre-paid packages herein refer to obtaining immediate access to several products and courses. You must purchase the additional services separately if you wish to receive information about additional study programs.

Students are often required to perform some assignments as part of a service-delivering process as part of most study programs.

Prices and service cost: 

  1. If you agree to enroll in one of our live courses, we only charge you.
  2. Again, we only charge for videos that are pre-recorded and provide lessons or tutorials.


You can pay for our services using any of the payment methods listed on our website.

We request that, if payment is made via bank wire transfer, you submit a photo of the documents that prove payment to the email address on the website. Your acceptance of Service Terms and Conditions is confirmed by paying for services via bank wire transfer.

The additional costs incurred by us as a result of a processing failure caused by your fault (e.g., insufficient funds on the bank card, the credit card limit exceeded as a consequence of your fault, etc.) will be deducted from your account.

We reserve the right, at any time, to change the methods of payment for purchased products at our sole discretion and/or to refuse the method of payment previously offered by proposing an alternative method of payment.


Online services are also subject to service termination policies.

Upon making an order and payment, in every individual case, you have the right to refuse the Services and request a refund. Within the specified time, you have the right to decline the purchased services.

Refunds and retained amounts are determined by the receipt date of the refund request.

If you use any of the services provided by the offer (you learn from one or several classes of the program of study, including online classes or recorded classes), no refund is issued.

Refusal of participation in offline events and trips policy 

For the refund of pre-recorded video classes, you have to claim within 7 days before the date of your enrolling. You must come with a valid reason and explanation for that. Specific reasons like video quality issues, or mismatching any with the description that we provided on the course. Without any specific or valid reason, no refund will be issued.

Refusal for live course and class:

For the live courses and class sessions, you can claim a refund 7 days after the start date listed on the course outline. However, no refunds will be given 7 days prior to the session.

We only provide all the services and packages on one website, https://pastrybcn.com, although we still own the domain https://pastrybcnonline.com, which redirects you to the main site https://pastrybcn.com. Therefore, the Terms and Conditions will be applied equally to users of the domain https://pastrybcnonline.com.